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Would you like me to give you a free breakthrough consult to get more leads and close more deals, valued at $100?

From the desk of Alex Glusman.

Who am I? Well, I have over 20 years of successful consulting experience. I work with consultants and entrepreneurs to discover hidden assets, create strategic plans of action and identify the next step to get immediate results.


Free Breakthrough Consult

I’m happy to design a custom marketing plan for your business, identify your perfect target market online and show you how to have them come to you and buy your products and services.
This way, you’ll get more clients without having to talk to unqualified prospects who will waste your time.
Why do I offer this service? Because I’m a consultant specialising exclusively in helping service providers attract their perfect customers and close more sales.
There’s a good possibility you’re missing out on a huge amount of untapped prospects on Facebook and Google.
Here’s the deal, your perfect clients are looking for you right now, but you’re not putting your message and advertisement in front of them.
And worse, you’re losing out to your competition. 
I’m giving you a breakthrough consultation for free to show you exactly how to use Facebook and Google to your advantage.
I’m doing this in hopes you’ll find it so valuable you might want to become a client. In that case, we will immediately start placing your message in front of your perfect audience, so you can get more leads and close more deals.
With that being said, this is not a sales pitch in disguise. I promise you’ll not be pressured or pestered in any way. In fact, this call is for YOU, and if you feel like I’ve wasted even one second of your time, I will immediately send you $50, no questions asked.
But before you schedule this call with me, you need to know that I can’t help everyone. I can only be of benefit to those who are wanting to scale their business, willing to invest in advertising and who are already getting clients offline or online. 
By the end of the call, if you feel like it’s a smart decision to work with me, and I feel like I can easily help you get the results you’re looking for, then we can talk about what the next step will be.
Just imagine… you have a steady flow of your prefect customers coming to you. You have a system in place doing all the qualifying for you so you only ever talk to your perfect clients.
Sounds good to you?
That’s exactly what I’m going to share with you on this call, and if you believe it’s something you’d like me to do for you instead of you doing it all by yourself, then we can talk about how we can work together.
So what’s the next step? 
Click the button below and request a consultation (worth $100) on me. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
PS: You may be wondering if there’s a catch since this is such a great offer for you. You’d be right, there is! There’s three things that will benefit me on this call:
  1. I’ll get to know another successful business owner and expand my network.
  2. If you feel like you get a lot of value from the call, I will ask you to write a quick testimonial.
  3. If you know someone who can benefit from my services, you may refer them to me if you believe it’s a good fit. 
However, please only write me a testimonial or refer business to me if you believe in me and what I’m doing. You can decide that for yourself during the call.
There’ll be absolutely no sales pressure on this call. I’ll give you my best guidance and advice so you can decide for yourself if you’d like to work with me. And based off of the information you provide me on the call, I’ll let you know if we’re fit to work together. 
I’m always looking for win-win deals, where I am a perfect match for my clients and my clients are a perfect match for my services.
The next step is to click the button on this page and schedule your risk-free consult (worth $100).
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Who is Alex Glusman?

I’m Alex Glusman, and I’ve been a consultant for over 20 years.

I became a digital marketing consultant so I could help other entrepreneurs and consultants get the results and freedom that they desire with their business. Nothing fulfils me in my business more than seeing my clients succeed.

That’s why I take every project personally, as if your business was my business.

Truth is, being able to run my business from anywhere in the world with my laptop and an internet connection is like a dream come true. I realised there’s never been a better time in history to start and scale a business you love, while also have the time freedom we all seek as entrepreneurs.

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