There’s a few things you may need to know about me.

I live in beautiful Sydney, Australia, with my wife, our daughter and a slightly mad but adorable dog called Indy. I was born in Argentina and have also lived in England for six years. I always wanted to see the world and travelling is extremely important to me because I love getting to know different people and cultures. That’s the bonus of the career path I’ve chosen, it gives me the flexibility to run my business from anywhere in the world. I have been a consultant for more than 20 years in two languages, English and Spanish, and I love helping clients achieve their goals and improve their lives.

Alex's Family at Grand Canyon, AZ

So enough about me, as this may not be what you were looking for in my About page… 

Instead, you’re probably wondering what’s in it for you.

So, in an attempt to anticipate your questions:

I can’t help you if:

  • You want a get-rich-quick scheme using marketing.
  • You’re not prepared to provide me with truthful information
  • You expect this to work wonders in a week or so
  • You’re not fully invested in the long term success of your own business


On the other hand, I could help you if:

  • You are results oriented
  • You appreciate the value of Digital Marketing and Done For You services
  • You understand that consistent marketing efforts will work for you
  • You’re a coachable action taker


Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Create a free marketing plan with actionable strategies and tactics you can use right now
  • Propose to do this for you if you’re not comfortable applying this plan yourself
  • Give you free actionable stuff on my website. If you like that, you may want to try my paid consulting


If you’re happy with this, click the button below to schedule a free 15-minute consult (worth $100)